Trickett's Grove Walnut Flour 500g
Trickett's Grove Walnut Flour 500g

Trickett's Grove Walnut Flour 500g

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A great chance to try our delicious gluten free walnut flour with this special offer. Trickett's Grove walnut flour is a good source of protein, contains no additives, preservatives or other nasties and its gluten free. 

A flour or a meal? Whichever you like to call it, it's created when natural walnut kernels are pressed.  The oil goes one way and the "cake" goes the other.  This "cake" still contains a small amount of oil and is perfect for all sorts of baking applications.

Boost your next smoothie with a spoonful, replace some of your baking flour where you'd like a coarser texture, add to your favourite home made bread recipe or try using it for crumbing foods to be fried. 

Interested in trying a gluten-free walnut cake? We've got a recipe for you here.

Contains Walnuts. 

May contain small shell fragments. 

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