Our philosophy is to help our trees become productive with as little intervention as possible. This means we aim to limit the use of chemicals, and use other techniques to grow delicious nuts. One way we do this is to actively prune the trees to optimise their shape and create an orchard canopy. This maximises the amount of sunlight on the trees which helps nourish and grow the nuts.

It takes great commitment to be a walnut orchardist as the trees take up to 15 years to become fully productive - now that's patience!

It can be really windy in Canterbury where most Trickett’s Grove orchards are situated, and walnut trees prefer a sheltered environment. So, when our orchards were planted, thousands of sheltering trees were planted at the same time. This gives protection to the walnut trees to help them grow well and become productive.

And remember that all our trees are great for the environment as they process atmospheric carbon and store it in the branches and roots for a hundred or more years.


Aylsebury Walnuts for Trickett's Grove 

 Our Commitments

We limit spray usage across our orchards, and many are certified organic. We partner with Biogro – the international accreditation agency to give you the reassurance that when we say organic, we mean Certified Organic. 

All Trickett’s Grove walnuts, organic or not, are monitored to ensure that when they arrive at our factory they meet all food safety regulations, and that we are not applying sprays or other products that could compromise quality. Our aim is to produce pure, delicious, healthy walnuts. Great for you, great for our earth.